Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Inside AdSense: Spicier support for India

Inside AdSense: Spicier support for India

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a123bf3 said...

To: Indian parliament - The Loksabha
It is going to be 60 years of independence of India but yet government is unable to provide water to the needy. Is is because of that we donot have sufficient water resources? The answer is absolutely no. It is because of the unwillingness, incapability and the corrupted governments so far - no need to say the Congress mainly as it has been in power for very long time.

So where is the solution of sufficient water for everyone. There are things that we can understand. Now india's GDP is increasing rapidly and its all over revenue is on a very good track. At revenue collection side we are really on a good track. A little appreciation (if we leave its other foolishness) can be given to BJP for that as it really tried to mend the way the taxes should be collected. Today govt. earnings itself through income tax is appr. 75000 crores, custome appr. 90000 cr and excise more that 1lakh cr. Exports are also increasing day by day but yet after so much revenue we donot have drinking water or water for irrigation purpose.
Every year on Brahmaputra river flood comes which affects our eastern parts of our country like orissa, bengal even bangladesh. At that time there is a famine(sukha) like condition in southern part of our country. That flooded water is totally wasted. If we want that flooded water can be sent to dry effected areas at that time like south(Tamilnadu, karnatak, even delhi etc)and some western part like rajasthan. Also this will prevent floods at any part of country. And for that to happen we need to have INER RIVER GRID SYSTEM i.e. the area where there is shortage of water can be fullfilled by water of area in excess of water. So we need to make our rivers interconnected as a grid.
Its not that this plan is something new. Immediately after independence it was being considered and at that time the total cost was approx. 50 crores and now today its cost is approx. 50,000 crores or more. So far nothing has been done for that. Even 50,000 cr. is not a big amount if govt. is willing to implement the project as obviously the project will be funded and completed in 2-3 yrs. It will only give excuses like some water will be saline not suitable for irrigation. But these are only excuses as solutions can be found for that. Only thing is that the government in power need to understand the problem of people, its farmers.

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